Hey Guys summer is here! Ready for all the ghost hunting action? I know I am... so come on join us for one of our hunts.. you can reach me on Facebook look me up! Only serious inqiuries! http://facebook.com/beackley

I find it rather funny that X Fan, Bobbie, Stacy, Kyle & Georgie are all the same person, or of the same family. I would even venture to say that you are located somewhere around Scaife's Rd in the Barbours area. Did you forget I am psychic also? Still question my ability? Why do you post things to slander us when it was GhostUnits.com that wanted to change the site? We dropped out of the team because of the conflict. It isn't our fault that the others left too. They could have recruited a new team.

Anoymous & Somebody are also the same person & you like to play games by going from place to place & stir up trouble...let me guess as to your location & see if I am right on you as well...I get one of two places..perhaps two places you like to frequent a lot..Heim Hill Rd off of Warrensville Rd or perhaps some where close to the intersection of Plunket Run Rd, Sugar Run Rd & Shade Hollow Rd in Mill Hall?

You will notice that I gave your locations as to not slander either of your names... I'm sure you wouldn't like that now would you. Now why don't you show us the same respect? If it continues, I will see to it that harassment charges are filed. I did nothing to you personally & therefore your actions can be seen as harassment & slanderous.


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