G.U.I (Ghosts Under Investigation) is not affiliated with GhostUnits.com. The owners of GhostUnits.com wanted to pursue another direction to their site & therefore dropped their team. G.U.I. is not a trademarked or copyrighted name by anyone, therefore it is legal for our team to use the anagram. This team (Ghost Under Investigation) does have a lawyer on retainer should any legal issues arise. 

Our team is strictly non profit. The team does however take DONATIONS for equipment & travel expenses. We have not solicited money from anyone with regard to team investigations, equipment, clothing, etc. If you have been solicited then contact us with the information as to the account & person(s) doing the solicitation & we will investigate & notify the authorities to any unlawful actions. All our team members carry proper identification & should be asked to present it upon any solicitation.

A new policy goes into effect immediately & you are hereby notified that all comments to blog posts will be on a pre-approved basis. We will not allow this board to be a place to slander this team, members of the team, or clients. Likewise we will not allow the slander of other paranormal teams or their members.

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